Friday, December 31, 2004

December 31, 2004 - January 2, 2005

Happy New Year!

Friday night (December 31)

With Dubtribe Sound System playing live at midnight and a stellar lineup, including Jenö, M3, Charlotte the Baroness, Garth, Markie, and others, this is my New Year’s Eve party. It’s $25 at the door and located at Blue Cube on Mason, just up from 5th & Market.

Saturday night (January 1)

Stompy is having a shindig at Cafe Cocomo, featuring Lance Desardi, JT Donaldson, Jonéné, Tasho, Sweet P, and others. That one’s $10 at the door and goes until 2am.

Sunday (January 2)

Since I don’t have to work Monday, I’ll be checking out Sunday T-Dance and maybe even Devotion at The End Up. The line-up is always wonderful and the crowd very very cool.

So, where are you gonna be?

Friday, December 10, 2004

December 10 - 11, 2004

Friday night (December 10)
Julius Papp, Patrick Wilson, and Trevor Mijares hold down the fort at Remedy tonight. There’s a free quest list over on their web site. Looks like a good bet.

Saturday night (December 11)
The same people who throw Remedy are introducing the grand opening of a monthly party for Om Records at DNA Lounge. This party features the West Coast’s two best-known house DJs — Mark Farina and Doc Martin, along with DJ Fluid. It’s $20 to get in, unless you buy your tickets on-line in advance.

So, where are you gonna be?

Friday, December 03, 2004

December 3 - 4, 2004

Friday night (December 3)
Tonight’s Remedy at DNA Lounge looks promising. Craig C, formerly of Pound Boys, Ruben Mancias, and Paolo Dava are spinning. Go to the web site and toss your name up on the guest list. You can get in free.

Saturday night (December 4)
The first Saturday toss-up I’ve seen in quite a while. A member of one of the message boards I frequent posted information about a reunion party for a crew that predates Wicked by a number of years, back when Jenö and his boys were still in London. Their crew was called Whoosh and they threw a party in the late 80s and early 90s in a bookstore in London. They’re all together again for an event in San Francisco at 31 Mason Street @ Turk. It’s $5 before 11, goes until 5, and features Jenö, Markie, Bones, and local Paul Leath.

The other Saturday party I’m looking at is an absolutely mind-bashing lineup at Foundation at The End Up. Tonight’s Foundation features Julius Papp, Mauricio Aviles, Franky Boissy, and Chris Lum. This great party will only set you back $10, if you get there before 11:30, and will go until at least 4am.

So, where are you gonna be?

Friday, November 12, 2004

November 12 - 13, 2004

Friday night (November 12)

Second Fridays of the month (of which this is) are now Om’s night at Remedy at DNA Lounge. Tonight’s talent includes Lance Desardi, JT Donaldson, and Mark Farina. This party is going to kick so much ass, you’ll think it’s a kung fu movie. It’s a CD Release party for another San Francisco Sessions compilation from Om. If the three I have are any indication, this record will certainly be something to add to my iPod as soon as possible.

Saturday night (November 13)

Lots of geeks go to lots of conferences, but I only generally go to one event every year which centers around web people and their stories (but not stories about the web). This isn’t a house event, but you should check out Fray, read some of the stories, and if you like what you see, maybe you should consider coming out and meeting some really great people.

The event is Fray Day and it’s at Swedish-American Hall in San Francisco. It starts at 7pm, goes until 11 or so, and will feature lots of great stories and songs. Not really house music, but there’s always next weekend for that.

So, where are you gonna be?

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

October 23, 2004

Saturday night (October 23)
So, you live in Northern California and you dig house music. Great. You have NO RIGHT to miss this party. It will likely be the last time you ever get to see Dubtribe Sound System live. While we wait with bated breath for news of a San Francisco show, the Santa Cruz show has been confirmed and happens this Saturday.

If I had to make a list of the 20 greatest parties I’ve ever been to, Dubtribe Sound System shows would take up at least six of those slots. I haven’t seen this amazing act live since April 13, 2001. They’ve been at it longer than ANY of you even knew house music existed, thrilling crowds everywhere with their tight funky tribal house sound and making anthems that every house DJ in the world worth his salt knows.

This party happens at the Veterans Hall in Santa Cruz on Saturday. Tickets in advance are $12 (I already bought mine) and at the door are $15. You’d probably better buy them online. It’s better to be safe and have tickets at will call than show up and find the place has reached full capacity before you arrive.

So, where are you gonna be?

Thursday, September 23, 2004

September 24 - 25, 2004

Well, there seem to be a few compelling parties this weekend. Next weekend, of course, is the Love Parade in San Francisco, an attempt at throwing Berlin’s most famous party in the US. Suggested donation is $5 and the line-up is stellar.

Friday night (September 24)
My friends, UNEAQ, are playing in the VIP room at 1015 Folsom in San Francisco, with DJ Dyno and others. I’m not sure what the cover is or what time they’re on, but they really rip it up. You should have heard them at Sunday Drive! in San José last Sunday.

It’s also Remedy’s 5 year anniversary this Friday. The talent behind the turntables includes David Harness, Ruben Mancias, Julius Papp, Patrick Wilson, and Trevor Mijares. This is going to be a mind-blowing party and tops my list at the moment. Cover is pricy, but you can still get on the reduced cover door list if you hurry.

Saturday night (September 25)
Another classic underground party in a secret location is going on, with M3, Solar, Tracy, Nikola, Carlos, and others. It’s going to be pretty sweet. This looks like my Saturday spot. I think this one’s just for the mailing list people, but if you contact me, I’ll hook you up with the phone line.

So, where are you gonna be?

Thursday, September 09, 2004

September 10 - 11, 2004

Last weekend, I got an education in commuting to and from the parties in San Francisco. I live about 35 miles (56 km) south of the city. On Sunday, I headed up to Devotion, a weekly at The End Up, at the request of a friend. Turns out she had plans to stay in the city (instead of heading south like she usually does), so I caught SamTrans 397 home. Not only was the bus on time, it was pretty fast (I thought it would be 2.5 hours). Armed with the knowledge that I can catch the bus at 20 after the hour through the small hours of the morning, I can go out whenever and wherever I feel like. So, without further ado, here is what I might do this weekend.

Friday night (September 10)
I’ve been invited to a party in San José, which I might attend. Christian Intrigue and Danny Evans are spinning at a place called Blue Monkey at San Fernando and South First.

It looks like Om is returning to Remedy with monthly in October and this Friday’s party features Ben Watts in a special event. Expect this cover to be about $20 a head, but also expect it to go off.

Saturday night (September 11)
In a strange stroke of circumstances, the party I’m most interested in this weekend is on Saturday night. This party is called Fool Us Twice? and is at DNA Lounge. A politically-oriented party, this shindig features a serious line-up — Ming & FS (live), Miss Honey Dijon, M3, Dano, Michael Tello, Ren the Vinyl Archaeologist, and more. This party will go into the very wee hours and only costs $5. I know where I’m gonna be.

So, where are you gonna be?

Friday, August 20, 2004

August 20 - 21, 2004

It’s been a long time since I’ve gone out at all, due to a bicycle crash in late July which left me warming the bench for the last few weeks. I can’t wait to hear house music on a big system again.

Friday night (August 20):
A friend of mine called me up the other day and asked me what I was planning on doing. I noted that I probably wasn’t doing anything, because of my inability to get places lately and the total absence of any of my friends from the scene. But, friends of mine who can pick me up and for whom I can provide my critically-acclaimed designated driving services want to go out. Tonight, there are a couple of possibilities.

My friend, Sunshine Jones of Dubtribe Sound System, is spinning at a party at Soluna called The Mixing House. Sunshine spins with Galen and another DJ. Looks like a good lineup.

But, the party I’m most looking forward to on Friday night is Remedy at DNA Lounge, featuring Kaskade, David Harness, and Trevor Mijares. It goes until 5am and costs $15 at the door, unless you have a pass, an e-mail, or get on the list by 4. Then, this special event is reduced to a $5 cover.

Saturday night (August 21):
No big events ever happen on Saturday night, but there are some solid weeklies in San Francisco. In particular, I’ll probably be inclined toward the always-fun Better Days party at Pink, a fairly inexpensive party on the Mission. This weekend, it’s $10 and goes until 3 or 4. Franky Boissy and Ruben Mancias stomp on it with big, juicy, deep house beats.

So, where are you gonna be?

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

July 30 - Aug 1, 2004

Due to a bicycle crash yesterday that bruised ribs, gave me some ugly road rash, and injured my right wrist (I’m in an immobilizing splint/cast thing), I’m not going to be able to go out for at least a couple weekends. Sorry. Whatever you do, friends, please always use your turn signals and always, always keep your eyes out for cyclists.

Enjoy your nights out.

Monday, July 12, 2004

July 16 - 17, 2004

Well, I didn’t actually end up going out at all last weekend. Circumstances sometimes finagle us out of our best laid plans. Without further ado, these are the parties I would attend this weekend:

Friday night (July 16):
As always, Remedy at DNA Lounge has a solid lineup — featuring Julius Papp, Ruben Mancias, and Trevor Mijares. As this is not a special event, you can get on the guest list in advance. This one will go until 5 am.

Doc Martin and Hector Moralez headline the Get Underground party at Club Six. Doc’s playing a four hour set and it should be a complete mindblower. Two great house DJs in Six’s hot, sweaty basement. It’s $10 before 11 and should go until late, late.

Saturday night (July 17):
Everything on Saturday seems to be fairly routine these days. If I go out on Saturday, which is relatively unlikely, given my dearth of friends who have an aversion to partying on Saturday nights, it’ll be Better Days at Pink or an underground party.

The underground party, in a warehouse in San Francisco, purports to feature unannounced special guests plus Charlotte the Baroness, DJ Tracy and Little John of Raindance, and Dfunkt of Beats Brigade. This event is 18 and up, goes until 6 in the morning, and requires a phone call to get the location scoop. (415) 462-9526 is the info line.

Weekend of July 23 - 24, 2004:
Due to out-of-town visitors, I will not be going out at all the weekend after this one coming. So, whatever you do, be safe, and have fun.

So, where are you gonna be?